Hey, I'm Roald!

I’m a developer with experience working remotely in teams or independently. I specialize in Shopify Development with a focus on Conversions. As a Conversion Developer, I have strong front-end UI/UX skills with the ability to create eCommerce experiences that engage with your audience through conversion-optimized design and optimized components.  

Through my experience, I have gained a thorough understanding of eCommerce that helps me connect with your audience and create customer-focused eCommerce experiences. I love learning about new audiences and thinking of the best way to create a custom experience that your customer base will vibe with.

I love life. I love animals, travel, and philosophy. I’m a passionate learner and believe I can learn anything in the right circumstances. 

I also understand that everything good in life is earned. I work hard to grow as a person with an open mind and humility. I have struggled with the balance between my love for food and my love for health. Luckily I also love being active and keeping a calm mind through meditation. I find that living mindfully breathes energy and creativity into my career too! 

As best I can, I always do my utmost to walk my talk. And I believe humanity can do better, build a brighter future. One where no one works paycheck to paycheck, and everyone involved in the business benefits enough to live a healthy sustainable life. 

Socialism?, Communism? No, nothing political.

Just a world where business owners take responsibility for their waste products, their business family(employees), and other types of “leverage” that only benefit themselves. Without a care for the consequences of their actions. 

I believe humanity needs a return of personal responsibility more than anything right about now. 

And it doesn’t have to be all that bad either. We just need to sit down and figure out how to do things right

We can start by building things that are sustainable to show people it’s possible. Let’s create a brighter economy together!